We want you to know:
The specialist who referred you to our center, as well as most of the physicians who do procedures here, are also part owners of the center. You have other choices, and we will be very happy to discuss those alternatives with you. Just call us at (888) 627-1296.

Physician Owners:
Kenneth A. Beckman, M.D.
Robin F. Beran, M.D.
Brandon Cho, M.D.
Robert J. Derick, M.D.
Charles J. Hickey, M.D.
Thomas Litzinger, M.D.
James A. McHale, M.D.
Richard G. Orlando, M.D.
Sugat Patel, M.D.

Affiliated Surgeons:

Michael S. Bloom, M.D.
Lisa Borkowski, M.D.
Louis Chorich III, M.D.
Sam Gallo, M.D.
Dino Klisovic, M.D.
Aaron Mack, M.D.
Aaron Weber, M.D.